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Andgate Foundation's Adopt a Tree-Miti Mashinani initiative is a Community Outreach program on environmental protection that targets partnership with willing players on mitigating climate change effects.Working closely with selected Schools, the Foundation commenced assessment exercises in December 2021. This included review of existing capacities of the Schools, identification and registration of participants (with the involvement of Parents/Guardians).

Based on the preceding steps, Twenty three (23) primary schools took up the initiative and some of them reported positive results within the first 2 months of implementation i.e from November 2021 to January 2022.

We visited Rarieda Primary School in January 2022; one of the primary schools selected within Mahaya zone and we were very impressed with the results. Rarieda Primary School is located in Nyanza province, Bondo Sub-County of Siaya County within South Asembo location of Rarieda Constituency. The geographical location map coordinates for this school is -0.19526 (Latitude), 34.33977 (Longitude). It is an ordinary mixed (boys and girls) day only government owned,church sponsored primary school.

The School is poised to be a pacesetter if their spirit is anything to go by. The School administration had demonstrated commitment by establishing a Tree Nursery to support the School in production of more seedlings, manage losses during transplanting and further support other neighboring schools and the local community as a sustainable source of seedlings.

Some of the strategies implemented by the School to achieve good results included:

1. Leveraging on the existing and active 4K' Club whose members were ready and willing to participate in the initiative.

4K' stands for (Kuungana, Kufanya, Kusaidia Kenya) which loosely translates to ‘Coming together, to Act, in order to Save Kenya.’ During the early 1980’ and 1990’s, the Kenyan Education system was founded on a curriculum that sought to encourage the adoption of Agriculture and tree planting by pupils in all primary schools in order to stimulate their interest in agriculture at an early age and contribute to the improvement of the national tree cover in Kenya . The idea weakened overtime, but in the recent past (2019) the Government approved the revival of the 4K clubs to support the realization of the Big Four Agenda under the Government's economic blue print of Vision 2030. This was aimed at supporting achievement of food and nutrition security through Agriculture and to also help mitigate on climate change effects in the country with specific involvement of minority groups at the grassroots.

2. The Head Teacher Mwalimu Vitalis Onyando had amassed several years of experience in tree husbandry; having initiated and successfully undertaken environmental conservation projects in different schools within the zone before his transfer to Rarieda primary School. Mwalimu is also very knowledgeable on varieties of tree species which forms a rich mix for the Nursery, i.e exotic and indigenous;

3. The school embraced team work and involved all relevant actors in the initiative including working closely with the 4k Club members to provide the much needed guidance and support to the pupils at each stage of implementation.

With great determination, the pupils planted Three Hundred (300) Siala ‘Markhamia lutea’ Tree seedlings which had germinated and were potted awaiting transplanting.They also established a Nursery bed for (othoo) Soap berry tree, YagoKigelia Africana,’ and Eucalyptus whose seeds were already germinating.

All was not however rosy, despite the very positive outcomes at inception. The Pupils had encountered several challenges while setting up the Nursery and planting trees. One major challenge was the prolonged dry season which had lasted from November 2021 to January 2022; this meant that the pupils had to fetch water from the nearby Lake Victoria for watering the seedlings.Lake Victoria is the world's second largest fresh water lake that majestically lies on the Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania border. They also reported seed dormancy as a result of the drought and inadequate potting bags for the seedlings. They also lacked water storage facilities (watering cans and drums) and were therefore forced to make several trips to the Lake on a daily basis to fetch water for the seedlings. This was not only laborious; but it also consumed their study time making some of them fall behind in their classwork.

The Foundation was compelled to chip in;despite its meager resources and support the pupils in order to sustain the tempo and encourage the pupils to keep up with the good work already started.

1. Left: Some of the seedlings at the Nursery awaiting transplanting.

2. Below Right: Pupils carry the donated jerricans supervised by Mwalimu Victor Ochieng'

Having understood their plight, we donated thirty (30) pieces of 10 Litre Jerricans to be used to ferry water from the nearby Lake Victoria during the dry season. Additionally, we purchased a 320 Litre Barrel for water storage, to reduce the frequency of the pupils going to fetch water from the Lake at the expense of their studies and for water storage during the rainy season so that they do not have to go to the Lake at all. We also donated two (2) Watering cans to them.

The elated pupils led by their Teacher promised to uphold their environmental conservation efforts.We have continued to monitor progress and in the process visited many other schools and sites in order to give support, identify any glaring gaps and propose intervention measures in order to breathe life into the Miti-Mashinani initiative. We look forward to collaborating with the County government, national government and other players in order to secure the much needed resources and support for the success of this initiative.

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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Andgate Foundation began its operations in 2018, then supporting only nine (9) students to enable them complete their 4 year studies under the Kenya Certificate Secondary School (KCSE) education system. To date, November 2022, the Foundation has been able to support over 27 students who are currently undertaking various degree and diploma programmes in Universities and Technical Colleges across the country. The students were supported through scholarships and community based learning opportunities to successfully complete their secondary education. The Foundation even set some of them off at their respective higher learning institutions as they sought alternative funding sources including Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

The Foundation is currently home to an additional Ten (10) Female and Fifteen (15) Male students who are admitted in National and Extra-County secondary schools in Kenya. The Twenty five (25) students are at different levels of study from Forms 1 to Form 4 and looking up to the Foundation with hopes to complete their secondary education.

We caught up with some of the Andgate Foundation alumni and here's how they feel about Andgate Foundation:

Juma Hans said "I am an alumnus of Sirembe Secondary School and a big beneficiary of the Andgate Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation has really had a great impact in my family [life] as it has enabled my sister and I to be where we are today. Andgate provided me the school fees much needed, thus I had a humble time for studies and indeed since then, my academic life has never been the same again.

I’m much grateful for the support they have always given me therefore I promise never to disappoint them. Ill always work hard and smart in my studies as a sign of gratitude to the Foundation. May the Almighty God bless the leaders and all the members of the Andgate Foundation.”


Domnick Juma

“When I hear about the name 'Andgate', I think of the benefits I have enjoyed beyond my personal understanding. I am at the University of Eldoret, in Uasin Gishu County , Rift Valley studying

Bachelor of Education in Agricultural Education and was a full-time beneficiary of Andgate Scholarship from Form 2. We also enjoyed the revision that was sponsored by Andgate during Covid-19 forced closure period which positively impacted on my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results and I am very grateful. Andgate is also creating awareness on the importance of tree planting and protecting the environment that we live in. I thank all Andgate stakeholders and may God bless you, headed by my mentor Engineer Jared Ajwang'a.”


Irene Obura reckons that no words could possibly express how happy she felt when she was informed that she was among the awardees granted the Andgate Foundation Scholarship.

“This foundation is like family and home too,” She delightfully responded. “ It has enabled me to interact with new people, whom I now consider as family too. As an alumnus I would like to thank you, for being generous and sponsoring my education since 2018 up to 2020/2021, It truly meant a lot to me, because it enabled me to be in school without being chased to go get school fees, thanks a lot.

Your generosity encouraged me not only to continue to be hopeful but also to continue on my academic path as a future educator. I may not be able to say this enough to you but thank you so much for your kindness”.

Irene is currently a 2nd year student at Kisii University, Kisii County, pursuing a bachelors degree in Education Arts.


Dickson Okoth Orwa is a student at Karatina University, pursuing a Bachelors degree in Education Arts. He describes how the Foundation transformed his life.

“My high school fees was paid by Andgate foundation when I was stuck at home due to huge school arrears that my parent was unable to pay. During holidays Andgate foundation could provide motivation talks which also really impacted a lot in my life”. He appreciated Andgate Foundation for further aiding him in his entry years to the University by facilitating part of his University admission fees. “I’m very thankful to Andgate foundation for the great change in my life”. He added.


“When the Covid-19 Pandemic disrupted learning in 2020,I was heavily affected since I was rendered incapable of undertaking some of the most important activities in my life”, says Faith. She went on to say that as a determined and focused student this was a hard time for her.

“However thanks to Andgate Foundation, I was given an opportunity and alternative to learning. The foundation developed a community-based learning strategy that brought together students from different schools; facilitated us with learning materials like examination papers and even outsourced for tutors to help us with areas of difficulty” she said.

“The program came in handy for me as we were able to keep our learning progress up to date and this was ultimately reflected in my final national examination. I am a proud associate of Andgate foundation and will actively ensure that the objectives of the organizations are met”.

Susan Odongo is a third year student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, pursuing a bachelors programmes in Education Arts. She says “…being a beneficiary of this great organization, the organization and its stakeholders at large have significantly impacted a lot as far as my education journey is concerned. Through the organization's support, I have been able to carry on

with my studies and delightfully I'll soon meet my goals”


We interacted with Sam Joel Odhiambo, a beneficiary of Andgate Foundation. Since he joined secondary school; and is currently a 1st Year student at Kaimosi University pursuing a bachelor’s degree programme in Education Arts (English and literature)

“I am happy to be have been member of this family and organization

because it's through their support

that I completed secondary school education and joined the University when my mother was not financially stable”. He adds “ I appreciate Mr. Jared Ajwang’a and the other members of the organization for their kind support. Andgate

foundation helped me not only financially but also academically; we were taught and gained knowledge from Mr. Khana whom I also I appreciate much”

He further went on to request for continued kind support not just for himself but other students who may be in need.




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It’s a Friday afternoon ; the date is 22nd April,2022 and I’m very excited because in a few hours’ time I am having my maiden meeting with Andgate Foundation students for a brief chit chat. You know chit chat with teenagers is bae! You get to hear their real and perceived fears as far as life in school goes and I wouldn’t trade this hour for any thing.

Having previously engaged Mwalimu Khana to identify an appropriate location for our tea chat with the young boys and girls; I was winding up my commitments at work since my University was hosting the 9th Congregation for the conferment of Degrees and awards of Diplomas and certificates. This usually calls for a near balance (near; because there’s no such thing like perfect). Mwalimu Khana’s calls came in; as many times as I had anticipated. This was Friday, so we experienced a lot of back and forth because most of the meeting spots had been converted into graduation party venues or the would-be hosts were asking for a fee which was way above our small budget.

He finally got a venue; a less preferred restaurant within the dusty outskirts of Bondo town off the Bondo-Siaya road. But it had the quietness needed for an academic discourse and I said yes..

So when the time came, I pleasantly rushed out to interact with these promising young men and women on academic and social progress ahead of school re-opening the following week. Andgate Foundation believes in inculcating life skills and creating safe spaces and building trust through dialogue to address the social and economic challenges encountered in their day to day lives as they pursue secondary school education.

Our Andgate Mentorship initiative is a vehicle for candid talks on student life experiences within the school environment aimed at identifying short and long-term interventions that will keep the boys and girls at ease in school despite the myriad socio-economic hurdles they encounter. The students come from backgrounds of mixed ‘misfortunes’ and Andgate Foundation has opened its doors to embrace this diversity.

There were interesting stories about school from these young ones. They all seemed to be struggling with the sciences namely: Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry at their schools yet this was the year most of them had settled on their elective subjects. The boys did not seem confident to tackle the languages either (Kiswahili and English) and we had to come up with very practical solutions. They were however determined to get the best of it all; and this was reflecting on their anxious faces. The teenagers were leaving nothing to chance. We discussed the usual misnomers of boarding schools: not much bullying going on for them but isolated incidences of indiscipline, gross misconduct, theft of property and a lot of congestion in class and the dormitories in most of the schools.

The teens were letting it out, slowly but surely and our job was to listen and weigh in on how best they were to navigate these challenges. Not forgetting social media influence during the holidays; constant peer pressure; drug and substance abuse that had driven some students to acts of arson at their schools; and religious extremism which has since sneaked into learning institutions.

My oh my! We agreed that they will open up and speak to their teachers, parents and the Foundation when the going got tough. We also agreed that everyone was to work hard and remain focused in their studies, sharing notes and revision papers across their various schools and staying away from trouble of course.

I got my eyes on Bramuel and Alyzen; they are both poised for a great finish and I can’t wait to celebrate! Nicole and Florence are the usual understandable shy teenage girls, they will outgrow this I bet; (Florence happens to be my favorite girl though), I’m not sure I am allowed to take sides but she stole my heart when we connected under very difficult circumstances when the school sent her away for fees. This will be a story for another day.

Our mentoring sessions are a continual commitment towards nurturing talents and capabilities of the students to achieve their dreams.

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