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Sponsoring high potential children through school who otherwise would not be able to afford it

65% of students in Kenya will not complete secondary school because they can not afford it. Families struggle with generating an income to live off and education becomes unaffordable. In recent years we've also seen the impact of the Climate Crisis impacting families more and more. Water is harder to fetch and crops are failing, meaning less money for families to survive on. It's the poorest who have been hit hardest and their children's attendance at school often is the causality. This is the continuation of the poverty cycle, with the children unable to get an education meaning their prospects in life are greatly diminished. 

Why we do it

What we do

We connect sponsors with students from various backgrounds to bring together people who believe in the service to humanity and are willing to give chances that will transform lives one at a time. The AndGate Foundation sponsorship programme expand opportunities for deserving and needy students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to break the poverty cycle through equal and inclusive education. 

We help them replace the miseries of their background with renewed hope of being the best sort after Doctor/ Engineer / Lawyer / athlete etc in the world. We instil a winning mentality in them but also make them appreciate the learning of a failed attempt. We help shape their character, themselves being beneficiaries of acts of kindness from people who are total strangers to them!


Our Education Programme

Student Sponsorship

We inspire hope for needy bright students by connecting them with a network of sponsorships.

Our beneficiaries are sponsored through boarding schools since this creates an environment for learning and a chance for completion.


Sponsorship included: Tuition fees, Food and Drinks, School Uniform, Bedding, Pocket money, personal effects, transport to a from school.

This sponsorship changes the course of the students life. With education their fortunes are transformed. 


Our students are paired with volunteer mentors who guide them through adolescent into adulthood.

Topics discussed include career choice, handling emerging and contemporary societal issues such as peer pressure, study-life balance, social media, spiritual, personal and academic excellence.

Contact us if you would like to find out more information on becoming a mentor. 

Sponsoring Fees

A number of options are available to sponsor a student

Annual Sponsorship

Term Sponsorship

Joint Sponsorship
Contact us to discuss

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