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What we do

We harness the power and potential of children to break the poverty cycle. Through partnerships with schools we provide environmental conservation programmes and sponsor education. This builds capabilities in people who are empowered and educated to tackle inequality and the global climate crisis, locally in their communities.



We partner with schools to deliver education and action on environmental conservation. Each child going through our programme adopts or plants trees in their communities and receives education on how to build and manage a sustainable and ecologically diverse environment. We also find sponsors for children who have the potential to be future leaders but their families can not afford their education. Our sponsors ensure they complete their education and fulfil their potential and provide for their families and communities as adults. 

Currently we are based in Kenya and work in the rural and slum areas.

How we do it





A - School fees provided by sponsors

B - Conservation funded by sponsors

D- Schools & local leaders

E - Reduced poverty through education & environmental conservation

What does Andgate mean?

The Andgate Foundation was founded by an Engineer and we continue to apply analytical thinking to everything we do. In physics AND gate is an electrical circuit that combines two signals so that the output is ON if both signals are present. In simple terms, it means that if you don't have the right inputs or the ability to manage them you won't get the outputs you want. 


In our lives the Andgate Foundation is the whole electrical circuit. We exist to tackle poverty through education & environmental conservation. We find the best students, who would otherwise not be able to afford education and pay their school fees. We provide students with the education on conservation and give them trees to plant and adopt. We partner with schools and local leaders to achieve the greatest impact. As a result, we break the poverty cycle. 

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